The adventure begins


In March, my family of four rented out our house in California’s Central Valley and set off for a year-long trip around the United States and Canada. Our boys are Theo, 3, and Arthur, 2.

My husband Lee and I talked about this dream when we got married five years ago. Back then we had full-time jobs and the idea seemed very difficult. But slowly we arranged the details to make it happen and here we are. Lee is retired and I am a freelance writer.

We’ve found that the key to traveling with small children is to take it slow and not try to do many things at once. As long as we give the kids frequent playground breaks, everything seems to run pretty smoothly.

We’re mostly staying in airbnb and vrbo rentals. We’ve had a great experience so far with comfortable homes that allow us to stretch out and make our own meals. We’re on a budget and try to stick to paying no more than $1,500-$1,700 a month on accommodations.

Our goal is to visit national parks, intentional communities, Waldorf schools and anywhere people are trying to live in new and interesting ways. We want to come away from this trip feeling inspired.

Right now we’re in St. George, Utah. We were awed by Bryce Canyon National Park and its hoodoo spires that look like an ancient city. We loved the red cliffs of Zion National Park and Snow Canyon. But I think my boys are most excited about our coming visit to the local children’s museum. This town is truly children’s heaven with lots of fun activities for the little ones. My boys were thrilled with the downtown splash park that included a play river and waterfall.

3 thoughts on “The adventure begins

  1. Hey Lisa, thanks for telling me about your blog! It really made me realize what a great adventure this is for the kids. I was previously thinking from your perspective and what you’re getting out of it, but the kids could have no better education and experience than this! I’m sure this blog will inspire other people to take adventures in their lives! xoxo


  2. Found your blog today:-) while sitting at Meggies’ Algebra tutoring session. He is tough but fair to her, she thinks he is great and loves all of his eccentricities. Miss you all but very happy that you are living your dream. Bugs loves to Theo and Arthur. ⛺️Beth


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