Erosion Explosion


I can remember years ago when I was a sailor in the Navy I was assigned the duty to make war on rust by sanding down the rust areas on the ship until you find bare metal and giving it a treatment with what they called red led paint. When I built a pond on my ranch I spent an enormous amount of time seeding the banks where the fresh earth had been recently moved in order to prevent the soil from washing away.  I used to think that erosion was a BAD thing until I recently visited Zion National Park.

Zion is a 13-mile long and deep canyon bursting with beautiful red (Mars-like) colors including rock towers called hoodoos, checkerboard rock patterns, red sand dunes, and great palisade walls rimmed with slick rock peaks and hanging valleys. The Virgin River has carved a canyon for a million years through this Navajo sandstone and along with high winds, harsh rains and extreme temperature changes, visitors today can bear witness to an erosion explosion that makes you feel you are on another planet.

We drove through Zion park in the late afternoon after spending the morning in Bryce Canyon National Park and that is the worst time of day for our two small children Theo and Arthur. They were mesmerized and enchanted the entire time and said traveling through the long dark tunnel was their favorite experience of the day.

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