St. George, Utah: Children’s Paradise


I am so impressed at what St. George, Utah has to offer for the little ones. From my boys’ perspective, this is probably one of the best destinations ever.

Let’s start with the downtown. There is a huge splash park here with an actual play river that kids can wade in. Plus there’s climbing rocks and a waterfall and a sprinkler feature. Guess there is no drought here.


Then there’s the library storytime. Yes libraries all over the place have children’s storytimes but this goes over and above. It felt like a free preschool. The session lasted 45 minutes and the leader covered numbers, colors and letters in addition to leading several songs and dances and of course reading stories. My oldest was enchanted the entire time though my youngest got bored about halfway through and wandered a bit with the other littlest ones.


The children’s museum was one of the best I’ve seen in several months of traveling around the West. Admission was only $3 suggested donation per person (a quarter of the price of that in big cities like Portland) and it had several rooms I hadn’t seen before in these places – like an airplane with luggage and an auto mechanic shop. The theater section, which many children’s museums have, had an added benefit of a sound room that allowed kids to choose their own music. My little cowboy danced for a half-hour straight!


Finally Pioneer Park, a regular city park with no admission, is a great place for kids to scramble on this area’s famous striking red rocks and fit into tiny caves. We plan to visit here several more times before we leave.

IMG_3342     IMG_3344

One thought on “St. George, Utah: Children’s Paradise

  1. That does seem like little kid paradise. It almost makes us want to drive back to get more of the St George experience before you head on to your next destination.


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