Fighting the crowds at Bryce Canyon National Park



When you visit Bryce Canyon National Park during spring break, expect to have a lot of company. I thought because we were in sparsely populated Utah, it might not be that bad, but what I found was full parking lots and long lines of cars leading up to the most popular locations.

In fact, a few times either Lee or I would circle in the car while the other looked at a famous view because we couldn’t find a parking space.

IMG_3314               IMG_3323

Because the boys are so small, we didn’t feel comfortable taking them out too much. They mostly had to look at the sites from the car window. The lookout points were right over steep cliffs with very little fencing. We are very conscious that our 2-year-old is apt to run out somewhere he shouldn’t at any moment. And our 3-year-old is still liable to make an impulsive step out somewhere too.

I am so glad I especially got to look at the view at Bryce Point. It’s such a wide expanse of hoodoos (rock formations like towers) that it looks like you’ve stumbled on to an ancient city. My sister-in-law, who is from Southeast Asia, said it reminded her of the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia. I agree.

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