St. George For The Birds


Lisa took the children to the library program downtown this morning so I thought I would give you another update. We have some baby birds that decided to nest in our dryer vent.  We were able to retrieve one of them yesterday but there is another little guy still loudly chirping away. I was thinking of sending their parents a bill in order to defray the cost of our trip but we both share the same address and don’t speak the same language.

Yesterday Theo officially became a junior ranger of Zion National Park. He was able to complete most of the requirements in the junior ranger booklet. The park ranger at the visitor center in Kolob Canyon made him answer questions and raise his hand to formally pledge his duty to keep the park safe and clean. He has not taken his badge off except to take a bath.


We are planning to return to Bryce Canyon National Park in order for us to see some more beautiful sites and allow Theo a chance to complete his junior ranger requirements for that park. I told Arthur he could be in the chipmunk club next year when he turns three in March 2016.

Traveling with small children really helps you (stay present) and aware of every magical thing that happens around you. Everything slows down and you begin to see the world in a brand new way through their eyes. Instead of saying what time will we be here or there we ask ourselves what wants to happen now in this moment. What a blessing it is to have little children to share the world with.

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