Scrambling rocks at Capitol Reef National Park


It was a treat to visit Capitol Reef National Park in Utah today. There were no long lines like at Zion and Bryce but the scenery was just if not more spectacular. We especially loved taking the Scenic Drive through Capitol Gorge. The paved road turns into a gravel road that leads you right in the middle of steep canyons with caves, hoodoos (spires) and pock-marked rock that looks a little like a beehive.


Theo was originally disappointed that we weren’t taking him to a playground. But he soon decided scrambling on the rocks was just as fun. The weather was a perfect 70 with a cool breeze occasionally blowing in. We saw gray clouds in the distance but we never got rain.


We also made sure to stop at the Visitor Center to get a Junior Ranger activity book for Theo. As Lee mentioned in his earlier post, Theo was thrilled to become a junior ranger in Zion and is eager to add more parks to his belt. Tomorrow, for his first junior ranger activity, we plan to play wildlife bingo and look for animal tracks, petroglyphs and lizards.


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