Meltdown To Magic In 30 Minutes


It took over 30 minutes waiting in the car to get in to Arches National Park this morning but it was well worth the wait. We only made it half way through the drive when the kids started to meltdown and we had to cut our visit short.

We were able to take one short walk around the balance rock. But as of this writing we have not seen one arch yet. I asked Lisa to see if the park ranger at the visitor center had a (naughty) Jr. Ranger badge. Lisa managed to find a beautiful park and playground in Moab only 5 miles from the park entrance. After arriving at the park things began to change for all of us, Theo played music on the musical instruments, Arthur rode his bike, Lisa chatted with some other tourists and I spread out a blanket to rest.

There is something magical about lying under a tree and looking through the canopy of leaves that gives you some real perspective on life. As the wind blew the clouds around I discovered many images to delight the senses. First there was a road runner, an elephant, a scarecrow and a yin yang symbol. I wonder if Carl Jung ever used cloud shape analysis as a counseling technique, after all I was daydreaming for sure.

The park was surrounded by lots of cottonwood trees that grew on both sides of a small meandering stream. Each time a gust of wind blew up the canyon the trees provided hundreds of cotton-like seed fibers that gently floated to earth and reminded me of a fresh snowfall. Boy it is great to be alive!

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