Hello Colorado: Visiting Mesa Verde National Park


On the eve of Mother’s day Lisa wanted to drive in to Mesa Verde National Park and have a nice dinner at the Far View Lodge. As we entered the park we were listening to a song by the Austrian composer Haydn and it started to snow, it was really magical.

IMG_3481 IMG_3487

The next morning the boys and I cooked a breakfast for mom and we returned to see the sites in Mesa Verde. We managed to walk all the way down to the Spruce Tree House which is one of the ancient cave dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo People. Lisa helped Theo complete all of his requirements to earn yet another junior ranger badge.

Mesa Verde has to be one of the most spiritual places we have visited so far,  no wonder it has been selected as a world heritage site. As early as 550 A.D., early native people settled in the high mountain region near what is today the town of Cortez Colorado. They lived on a diet of corn, beans and squash and hunted wild animals and gathered a wide variety of local plants as well.

The early Ancestral Pueblo people built pit houses which were dug into the ground and contained fire pits for cooking and warmth during the long winter season. During the 1190’s through the 1270’s they returned to the cliffs and built houses out of bricks fashioned from sandstone and mud. By the year 1300 A.D. Mesa Verde was deserted for some unknown reason leaving behind this spectacular reminder of this ancient culture.


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