Thoughts about Moab, Utah


Moab has a completely different feel than traditional Mormon St. George. Instead of a church on every corner, the streets are packed with businesses trying to sell you adventure – raft trips, climbing excursions and hot air balloon rides. Also, there were bars advertising live music. We met a lot of people from neighboring Colorado in parks and streets.

I enjoyed hearing the inside scoop on the town from the moms who attended the storytime at the library. They told me that real estate was expensive compared to the wages you could get, that all the major shopping was done in Grand Junction, Colo., that there was a Waldorf preschool in someone’s house and that the best homeopathic physician was Dr. Leathers.

More about the library- this one was a special treat. It was new and perfectly kept with lots of Internet computer sites for travelers. I thought it was cool that you could check out iPads and Kindles for a week and free passes to the local museum. It was right next door to a great new community indoor pool with a slide and childcare for $3 per kid per hour. I thought about arranging for child care for my kids but you had to reserve it 24 hours in advance and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to a schedule.

We fit in one short trip to neighboring Canyonlands National Park but we again didn’t get the kids out of the car because of the steep drop-offs at the lookout points. Plus, it was cold and rainy. But I really loved looking out at the vast rocky expanse. It gave me the sense of limitless possibilities. It’s such a big world out there with so many options and so much of the time we just stay stuck in our old ways of thinking.


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