On the trail of the Ancestral Puebloans


We got up early this Monday morning May 11, 2015 to take a one-hour drive to Hovenweep National Monument. The ranger at the visitor center let both Theo and Arthur work on a junior ranger badge and they were both successful at completing all of their assignments.

Hovenweep is another Ancestral Puebloan settlement with brick houses built on the top edge of a steep canyon. The ranger said they built the houses there to provide a safe place for family living with beautiful 180 degree views. We walked a paved path to the edge of the canyon and sat on a bench together to enjoy this remarkable place.


We picked up lunch to go in Cortez and took the kids to Parque de Vida to ride bikes. Then off to wash our clothes and enjoy ice cream together at a nearby Dairy Queen. I became a little concerned when I noticed Lisa had borrowed the local phone book and was reading it for pleasure. I think she more than deserves a spa day off for mother’s day soon.

We are staying at a country inn resort which has a bed and breakfast, two yurts and three cabins on a very large property with views of the mountains. We are housed in a small one bedroom one bath cabin with a loft, kitchen and ample living space. It works perfect for our small family needs. The kids love it here because we are surrounded by animals. There are two cows with small calves across the street, chickens next door, sheep and horses behind us and two big black bulls just two doors down the road.

If I am not too tired I may sneak out to see the Avengers tonight at 6:30. Lisa went out a couple of days ago to go to a local bookstore. We try to spot each other once in a while in order to help keep our sanity. On the way home today we were listening to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder and enjoying the view of snow covered mountains in the distance.

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