Country Living On The Road


We all got up early this morning to the crowing of the local rooster and after breakfast I watched the kids play in the front yard. Things are moving in a very slow and even pace like the beating of a human heart. Theo is rolling his cars down the incline of the patio deck and Arthur is playing with fresh grass that had just been cut the day before. He is fascinated with the touch, texture and movement of the grass as it blows from his hands in the morning wind.

I really enjoy staying in these small cottages on larger parcels on the outskirts of town. You get the slow pace of country living without losing all of the modern conveniences only minutes away. Airbnb and VRBO have made this trip very economical and comfortable for our family. We much prefer to stay in a home rather than a motel or hotel. This affords our family room to stretch out and allows us to reduce the weariness that often accompanies travel of any kind.

During April we spent an entire month in St. George Utah and visited Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef National Parks.  During the month of May we are moving each week to a new location in Utah and Colorado. The locations we selected are near Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Gunnison, Sand Dunes and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

Lisa and I have been very impressed with the small towns that we have visited in both Utah and Colorado. The people are friendly and warm and the communities provide beautiful public parks  with modern amenities for families to enjoy. I miss my family and friends very much but have never felt either alone or lonely because of how each community has opened their arms and hearts to us. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

One thought on “Country Living On The Road

  1. Lee it looks as if Rita, Evin and I will be going to visit her brother Lee in Buena Vista Colorado. Its only a destination spot. We will be taking a three week vacation and I appreciate yours comments and suggestions regarding your trip. Unfortunately your families footprints will be the only reminder of your stay for by July your travels will have taken you far away. I love and miss you, Lisa and the kids. Be safe


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