Mountain Majesty


There is something about being in the mountains that makes me feel right at home. I would live in the mountains if I could deal with extreme weather conditions. Majestic solitude, peace and tranquility, jaw-dropping views, a real quiet place to listen to my own heart beat.


Some people love the ocean, it does not hold the same magic for me as the mountains because I spent some time in the Navy when I was young and experienced the intense isolation of being out at sea for as much as six months at a time. Although the heavens seemed brighter to me viewed from the deck of a ship than anywhere else in the world, there is no field of reference except a vast horizon encircling you for as far as the eye can see. I have always been attracted to the sight of a waterfall, the sound of a rushing stream, and the calm beauty of a mountain lake but have little or no interest in diving in and exploring any water features first hand. I don’t even enjoy swimming pools or hot tubs that much. Give me any direct experience with land be it gardening, tree climbing, camping, hiking, and I am fully engaged and satisfied. My wife says my entire mood and way of being changes when I am in the mountains enjoying nature. Maybe this is because I am a Virgo which is an earth sign or maybe I lived in the mountains during past incarnations. Whatever the reason, the mountains will always have a special place in my heart and soul.

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