Great Sand Dunes National Park


So many things come in sevens, from telephone numbers to the wonders of the world but I discovered a septenary system today that was completely out of my experience. My family and I visited the Great Sand Dunes National Park and were blown away by this unique and special place. Stone, sand and stream nestled against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains the majestic scenery also gives glimpses of SEVEN life zones.

These seven zones include alpine tundra, subalpine, montane forest, dunefield, grassland, salt-encrusted plain, and wetlands. The Medano and Sand creeks run by these amazing sand dunes and give you a feel of being at the ocean, desert, and mountains all at the same time. Lisa and I were amazed by this beautiful park and the kids made sand pies and chased me all over trying to throw them at me.

The weather was cool and very windy which made us cut our visit short but there were many other visitors hiking to the top of the dunes, the tallest being 699 feet making these dunes the tallest in North America. It was wonderful to see the total joy expressed by both our boys playing in this almost limitless sand box. This is a very remote park but well worth the drive.

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