I love reggae music


I remember back in the early days watching Bob Marley perform at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California. I looked around and I was one of the only white people in the audience. The people were so kind, accepting and loving they made me feel part of a family. I fell in love with reggae music right then and there and I am still a huge fan today.

During the early eighties I made an offer to my two oldest children that I would take them to Disneyland OR they could go see Third World play in San Francisco. They immediately decided that Third World would be the coolest thing ever to see live. They ended up singing and dancing on the stage all afternoon.

Recently, while visiting Crestone, Colorado, my wife and I decided to take our two young children to see a reggae/blues band play at the local coffee house. We took precautions and placed small pieces of toilet paper in theirintuit ears in order to protect them from the negative effects of loud music. The band that played was called Intuit from Boulder.

Both of our boys sang and danced around the room, Theo loved to play with the fake fire feature near the stage while Arthur enjoyed following the lights circling the floor from the disco ball on the ceiling. The audience consisted of locals and tourists from 2-70 years of age. Everyone was dancing alone or with a partner swaying back and forth to beat of the music.

For me reggae music represents a kind of universal spirituality. Although some reggae music is very political in nature most is about peace, hope, harmony and love. It looks like Theo and Arthur loved it as well so I won’t have to listen with my headphones on anymore.

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