Wild Wild West in Grand Lake, Colorado


Yesterday the weather was all over the map sunny, cloudy, thunder, lightening, rainy, windy,  hail and snow, hello Colorado. All of these extreme weather events happened in one place, the city of Grand Lake where we are staying for one week to explore Rocky Mountain National Park.

IMG_3643We still managed to hike a short trail to a waterfall, take a short drive into the first 10 miles of the western region of the park, view some cool wildlife (moose, elk and deer), and return home in time to pick up my sons bike from a repair shop. I really love Colorado a lot!

This reminded me of the last time I was in this area about 5 years ago. I was traveling home from a family wedding in Minnesota. We entered the park from the small town of Estes Park which is at the eastern entrance to the park. Trail Ridge Road was open and we simply droveIMG_3635 through the 48 miles of the park making short stops along the way to take in all the natural beauty.

I was with my then 16-year old son Clayton and my girlfriend (now wife) Lisa. We experienced all of these same extreme weather conditions then but were driving over a 12,000 foot mountain pass at the time. That same road is currently not open yet because of extreme road conditions. We are hoping the weather will clear on Tuesday in order for us to make the trip again this time from east to west and then back again.

Today our family went to the Memorial Day parade today in downtown Grand Lake. The kids were thrilled to see horses, fire trucks, park rangers, and a cool dragon on a big float. Theo’s personal favorite was a large white boom truck that had a very loud horn while Arthur’s favorite was the white 1968 Chevy Corvette sports car.

We are staying in a hexagon shaped tennis cottage which contains 6 separate one-bedroom, one-bathroom units with a large covered and enclosed central shared patio area. Each unit also has a private outside patio. Our unit is small but very well designed which allows for us to not feel like we are on top of one another. It’s amazing that they also managed to fit in a washer, dryer and dishwasher.

The people of Colorado are very easy going, friendly, gracious and kind. We have not been treated like tourists but more as local residents. As I am writing this blog my wife and son come in and say I need to come outside right away. IMG_3667 To my great surprise I see a baby moose grazing in our backyard. This place is simply amazing.

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