Living in Small Spaces


Our family has now been on the road two months – longer than we have ever been on the road before.

So far, it’s been going very well for the most part. I know this lifestyle wouldn’t be for everyone but it suits our family pretty well. Lee and I both like the excitement of seeing new places and we love the open road. For now the kids are so young that they like being wherever we are and don’t put up a fight.

Everything is not always a cake walk though.

IMG_3769One of the biggest challenges is that we often live in very small spaces to save money. All this month, all four of us are in a studio cabin that is about as big as our master bedroom at home. It’s very well designed with a fully-stocked kitchen, a loft bed separated with curtain that gives a modicum of privacy and a very small bathroom with a shower. We are basically right on top of each other all the time.  There is very little storage space- so our coats, extra supplies like paper towels and toilet paper and swimsuits remain in the car.

The most challenging part of the day is evening when our two small boys have a hard time settling down. The last two nights they did not go to sleep until the sun sets- which is around 9:30 p.m. here in IMG_3770Victor, Idaho.  This means mom and dad have no down time too. At home, we would put them in their bedroom and close the door but there is no door here so we have to go with the flow.  At least both boys sleep the night which wasn’t the case not long ago.

Lee and I are definitely missing our alone time at night when we often like to watch a movie or just chat. We’re hoping the kids find their rhythm here and we can get that time alone again at some point.

What it makes it more manageable though is IMG_3771we have a deck and a big grassy space with a swing set that the kids can run around on. When we look out the window, we see the snow-capped peaks of the Grand Tetons. Sure it would be nice to have more space, but when I look out at that awe-inspiring site, I feel that life couldn’t be better.

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