Driveway Moment at Colter Bay


Today we decided to take another look at the Grand Teton National Park. We headed over the mountain pass from Victor, Idaho and our first stop was in the small town of Wilson, Wyoming where the children road their bikes in the small local park. Then we piled everyone in the car and drove to String Lake which is a small mountain lake with spectacular views near Jenny lake inside the Teton National Park.

The weather was sunny and warm with a slight breeze, a perfect day for a dip in the lake. Until we put our feet in the water and found it much too cold to stand in for very long much less swim. After that adventure we were hungry and drove to Moose Junction to have lunch. IMG_3815We ate veggie burgers inside a teepee and had a terrific view of the snow-capped mountains. As we headed north for Colter Bay to attend a ranger program designed for young families both of the kids fell fast  asleep.

This allowed Lisa and I some adult conversation time and to take in the pristine beauty all around us during our drive. We arrived at our destination about an hour before the ranger talk was scheduled to begin. Lisa went in to check out the visitor’s center and to buy some postcards while I stayed with the sleeping children, listened to Haydn and watched the tourists boating on the lake.

  • IMG_3893The composer Haydn must have been inspired to write this string quartet while visiting a place very much like Colter Bay. The sky was blue the water was clear with mirrored reflections of the mountains all around and the smell of the forest lingered in the air. The tall grasses were swaying to and fro as the Aspin leaves flickered in the breeze, it was truly magical.

For some reason this experience reminded me of the first time I watch the movie “Fantasia.” It was being shown at a beautiful old movie theater in Santa Cruz California. I was alone and the only patron in the theater that afternoon. As I remember the movie sound track consisted entirely of beautiful classical music that contained animated animals dancing and moving all over the screen in perfect unison.

In “Fantasia,” the animators created the images to the music that was already written much in the same way that for me today nature created the images that were in perfect unison with the music of Haydn.

I listen to (NPR) National Public Radio as often as I can and sometimes you have these “driveway moments” when you are so engrossed in the story that even though you have arrived at your destination you are so captivated that you stay in your car until the story is over. That is what happened to me today at Colter Bay.


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