Biodynamic farm in Alta, Wyo.


I was scanning the bulletin board at the Jackson, Wyo. Library when a bright yellow flyer caught my eye. It advertised Purely by Chance Biodynamic Farm in Alta, Wyo. It said you could call for tours. As those who know us know, Lee and I are very interested in Waldorf education and its founder Rudolf Steiner, who inspired many movements, including biodynamic farming. Biodynamic farming has been called the highest form of organic farming. The method treats the farm as one organism and avoids any use of chemicals.

I called the number on the flyer and chatted with owner Sue Heffron. She scheduled a time for us to visit her and her husband Andy. Alta is only a half-hour from where we’re staying in Victor, Idaho so we were thrilled to make the drive.

Purely by Chance farm is a small operation on the Heffrons’ lovely property west of the Grand Tetons. They raise chickens, turkeys, pigs and vegetables. Our first stop was to see their baby chicks. Theo and Arthur were overjoyed to hold and pet the two-day-old chicks.  

We also visited the hens at the aptly named Cluckingham Palace.  

 The boys carefully gathered the eggs and put them in a basket. They were very impressed with the large red rooster CJ who strutted around the farm.

Sue let the boys take home large peacock feathers from their pet peacocks and keep a few turkey feathers as well. These feathers were their favorite toy the rest of the day.

The Heffrons got interested in farming just a few years ago when their grandson Chance developed asthma. A doctor suggested that he might have food allergies. As they did research, they began to wonder if he was getting sick from eating processed and chemically treated food. This led the Heffrons to start growing their own food in the healthiest way possible. 

They are doing the farm mostly as a hobby and do not plan to seek certification from the Demeter organization. For now they are selling poultry to friends and at the local farmers market. We really appreciated the time they gave us to talk about their lovely farm.  


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