Fox Creek Fandango


Since we’re in a small town to save money, we often spend hours every day driving to fun activities. But yesterday was a special treat because we attended a festival minutes from our cabin!

It was the annual Fox Creek Fandango,held on the longest day of the year at Linn Canyon Ranch in Victor, Idaho. 

Arthur was napping and Lee was too tired from Fathers Day festivities to attend, so Theo and I checked it out by ourselves.

There were a few hundred people spread on a big green lawn watching a series of local bands play. 

  Theo, my little music lover, sat in rapt attention through all the songs. We heard a straight-up all-male rock band and then an all-female amazing country act. 

Delicious food was available for sale- mostly ribs and meat but there were even garden burgers for vegetarians like me. There was also beer, non-alcoholic drinks and sweets.

There was a huge water slide for big kids and face painting for the little ones. 

  We both loved checking out the horses that were nearby and were impressed by the cowboys on horseback who led us to our parking space.

Admission to the event was free with donations accepted. Everybody seemed to know each other and there was a friendly feel. I even recognized the local librarian. Guess I’m a local now. 

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