Goodbye Wyoming and Idaho


We are about to say goodbye to Idaho and Wyoming where we have been staying for the past month. I can’t say enough about how easy-going and friendly the people are here. We rented a little cottage between the towns of Victor and Driggs, Idaho. 

We enjoyed hanging out in those towns and Alta, Wyo.,spending many relaxing hours in their playgrounds, parks and libraries.

During the month we also managed to visit Yellowstone National Park and saw many wonderful geologic features and awesome herds of buffalo.  

 Yellowstone has many spectacular geisers, a large yellow canyon with a 308-foot waterfall, a large beautiful lake plus a large expanse of trees and grasslands. But for me I enjoyed my time in the Grand Teton National Park the best.

  The Grand Teton range is so spectacular to view that you can hardly take your eyes off them. We saw many wildlife such as; moose, elk, deer, and beaver. There was also a lot of small lakes like Phelps, Jenny, Leigh, Colter Bay and a larger lake called Jackson.

The first part of the month of June the temperatures were very mild but the weather started to warm up later in the afternoon during the second half of the month. We found ourselves visiting the Jackson Hole Recreation Center in the afternoons in order to take a dip in the pool (which included a waterfall, mushroom fountain, slide and bubbles) or going to their awesome public library to read some books to our children.

  The sun does not go down until around 10 P.M. and  this became one of our greatest challenges. We never really figured out the secret to getting children on a regular nap or sleep cycle during the entire month. We found ourselves taking lot of short drives as a family in order to calm everyone down. I have even started going to thrift stores and picking up CD’s in the attempt to locate really calming music. These work great during the many times we do not get internet reception.

We are now off to South Dakota to visit Devils Tower, Wind Cave National Park, Badlands National Park, and Mount Rushmore. Then we will head north from there to visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We will miss Idaho and Wyoming very much and plan to return again as soon as we possibly can. I think I could get used to living on the road.

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