One last look at Wyoming


Wyoming is too big and beautiful to leave. My last post indicated we were leaving Wyoming but two days later we are still enjoying the beautiful landscape of this state. The 30th of June we traveled from Driggs, Idaho to see Old Faithful in IMG_3970Yellowstone National Park.  Starting out in Yellowstone surrounded by mountains and beautiful trees, we headed toward the northern tip of Yellowstone lake and down through a gorgeous canyon until we crossed a desert-like plateau.

Then we drove toward Cody in order to rent a cabin for the night. Because Cody was hosting an annual Rodeo Stampede we could not find any accomodations so we decided to drive to the hot springs at Thermopolis, Wyoming. IMG_3985We rented a room right inside the Hot Springs State Park. Lisa and the kids enjoyed a soak in the hot springs pool at the hotel while I visited with another family that was traveling from Canton, Ohio to camp in Yellowstone.

We also visited the Dinosaur Museum and the kids stood next to T-REX and had the time of their lives.

IMG_3994The next day we headed for Devils Tower which is only nine miles from the town of Hewlett Wyoming. On the way we took scenic route #16 through the Big Horn Mountains. As soon as we arrived at the town of Ten Sleep, the road began to climb through a fantastic mountain pass to an elevation at the summit of around 9,500 feet. Lisa and I thought this was one of the most wonderful drives we have taken since embarking on our journey. Many of the most surprisingly beautiful things we have discovered along the way, were off the beaten track or between planned destinations. It seems to me the more we can live in the moment and be present with the natural world, the deeper and richer our experiences become. As we learn to slow down and begin to watch the way things unfold right in front of us, we can increase our appreciation and understanding of all that is sacred and beautiful in the world.

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