To Fargo then and now


It was over 50 years ago the last time I drove across North Dakota. I had just obtained my learners permit and my parents gave me permission to drive for a while, and drive I did, all the way across North Dakota. My dad relaxed in the back seat while my mom stood watch over me in the front seat. Every so often I would close my right eye only and pretend to fall asleep just to see if my mom was paying attention.

Today I drove east on highway 94 from Dickenson to Fargo making only two stops along the way. The first stop was at the small town of Richardton where we visited Assumption Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery that was constructed over 120 years ago. It felt like we were instantly transported back to somewhere in Europe to a time long ago. We were greeted by a monk who gave us a tour of the grounds and invited us to visit the church where we  listened to beautiful organ music. We also purchased a loaf of fresh baked bread baked on-site by one of the monks.

  The second stop we made was in the town of Jamestown to have lunch and see the largest buffalo in the world- a huge sculpture built in the 1950s. We visited this old western village while the kids played in the playground and the entire family took a stage coach ride together. There was also a small heard of wild buffalo grazing in the distance and a buffalo museum as well. This was a nice place for our family to take a short break from our trip.

Lisa found some great deals on hotels in the North Dakota Visitor Guide and also discounts on many children activities such as the zoo and museum in Fargo. Also, as we drove off the freeway it looked like they were setting up for some type of carnival or county fair which we will investigate in the morning. The only difficulty we faced was having to limit our time outside because of the poor air quality generated by the forest fires in Canada.

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