Living, Loving and Learning Together


I remember when I was in my late teens and having some difficulties my mom bought me a poster that had a picture of an old sheep dog on it, you know the dogs that have so much hair in their eyes that you wonder how they can see to even walk around without bumping in to something. The caption under the poster said “I’m in search of myself have you seen me anywhere?” This was very funny and inspiring to me at the same time. I think this is what got me started thinking about self discovery.

Then I spent two years in Vietnam, got married at 21 and had two beautiful children by the time I turned 25. I was in a real hurry to get my life started and become self responsible like my parents. Then my sister Marcia turned me on to reading by giving me a copy of Siddartha by Herman Hesse. I was so captivated that I immediately purchased all of his other books and read every one of them. I even managed to finish The Glass Bead Game.

I also read every self-help book on the market during the 60’s and 70’s, started juicing, became a vegetarian, and hiked and camped in the woods as much as I could. In the late 80’s I was first introduced to the world of Theosophy by my good friends April and Jerry Hejka-Ekins. This was a real life changing experience for me. It took me years of study to get my head around the profound ideas being introduced by Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine.

I got really interested in world mythology and began to read and study the myths of the world. This caused me to think less literally and more in mythological terms. I had been searching for years for a spiritual path and this seemed to resonate with me. I have been reading and studying eastern and western philosophy, religion and theosophy for over 26 years and Lisa and I still study together with three other original members of our group which we find so rich and rewarding.

The journey of self discovery for me comes from the process of being curious, open, honest and loving. This is a real challenge for every human being because it is so easy to fall victim to the traps of fear, anger, ego and desire. If you have the courage to face your fears head on and ask yourself what you are learning from what bad things happen to you, this will serve you well in your exploration of self.

My wife and I are traveling around America and Canada serving as spiritual guides for our two small children. We have the rare opportunity to spend almost every waking and sleeping moment with both of them. We get the honor of observing their process of self discovery and thank our lucky stars everyday. We can’t believe how much they have taught us so far and look forward to every precious day of living, loving and learning together.

I feel very fortunate to have supportive and loving family and friends that have always been there to help me along my path of self discovery. I am in search of myself, have you seen me anywhere?

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