Three Hours Alone!


Three hours away from my family and I miss them already. Lisa took the children to an art play date with her cousins in Madison. This is the longest period of time away from my family in over 3 1/2 months. The good news is I took some time for myself which I rarely get but the bad news is I miss the pitter-patter of little feet running all around.

I was able to write and post two blogs, read a chapter in a book, and workout a little in the gym at the hotel where we are staying. I feel like I have a little more strength because our breakfast contained more protein choices like eggs, cheese, and yogurt. We try to keep our snack bag full of healthy choices but we need to go shopping today before we head to Wheaton, Illinois.

We plan to visit the Theosophical Center in Wheaton and maybe drive in to Chicago if we are all up for the crowds. The drive is a little less than three hours from Madison, Wisconsin to Wheaton, Illinois and I’m certain the children will nap for two hours of the journey. Yesterday I attempted to rent a yurt in a camp close to Madison but they were already reserved. I hope we can find some cool accommodations in Wheaton for tonight. We are trying to give our family a very wide variety of housing experiences along the way.

I think we will try to visit a Waldorf elementary school on the way out of town. We already saw one of Frank Lloyd Wrights buildings near the capital. Lisa and I recently watched the Ken Burns documentary about his life and are very interested in his architectural designs. He was all about intuition and the natural world which we both love. I just got a call from Lisa that my new found freedom will come to and end shortly, the kids are on their way back from the park.

We will dine somewhere in town, stock up on supplies, then off to visit yet another state. I think we all need haircuts and the van needs an oil change so we will have business to do in between having fun seeing all of the sites.

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