Wisconsin: Catching up with Cousins


A great thing about this trip is we have the opportunity to catch up with our relatives all over the country.

IMG_4054As we headed east, my mother reminded me that my cousin Heather lived in Madison, Wisconsin. Since Heather grew up in Iowa and I grew up in Oregon, we never saw each other as children but I always heard about her. We finally met just six years ago at my brother’s wedding in St. Paul, Minn. and we immediately hit it off. We seemed to have a similar sense of humor (maybe there’s something to those shared genes!) She said I reminded hrt of her mother, who I actually look more like than my own mother. My Aunt Dot and I are both tall and have a similar build.

Being spontaneous, I only gave Heather about a 24-hour notice that we would be visiting her town. But luckily, Heather and her husband and 2-year-old son Tahvo were available. IMG_4061Tahvo is just three months younger than my youngest- Arthur.  We all enjoyed visiting their beautiful home on a pleasant tree-lined street. My boys had a blast playing with their cousin and his toys.  They also enjoyed taking  a ride in the cart on Heather’s amazing Denmark-made bike. I want one!

It was interesting finding out more about Madison and how progressive it is- with lots of vegetarian restaurants, bike paths and a great recycling program. There is also a free art in the park program that runs all summer with children getting to make crafts.

We love how green Wisconsin is and all the gorgeous trees. We also had a good time a day earlier in Eau Claire, where the boys enjoyed playing at a park by Half Moon Lake, which once was the site of a thriving ice industry. I am really struck by the beautiful public open space areas so many towns have.

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