An American’s Thoughts on Canada



After traveling for a month in southeastern Canada I noticed many differences between America and Canada. The first thing is how laid back and easy going the people were. The pace of their daily lives seems much less stressful. We did not see any homeless people and saw very little signs of poverty anywhere even in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.

Canada has set up more of a system of trust for its citizens -for example when you purchase gas you pump it first and then pay. I remember when it used to be like that in the U.S. Another striking contrast was the absence of police in Canada. I would drive by the rural police stations and see many cars parked outside but they were not harassing the people by aggressively patrolling the streets and highways.

Another huge difference for me was the sense of community pride. Canadian towns were really clean and they had large parcels of well-mowed lawns with no fences between any of the parcels. We also experienced very little graffiti even in the larger metropolitan areas. This part of Canada was also very proud of their regional history and provided many cultural museums to visit along the way.

As many of you already know, we are traveling with two small children and it was endearing to me how much the local people, men and women alike, fussed over our kids. Many parts of the rural areas reminded me of what life was like for me growing up in America in the 1950’s and early 60’s. Everyone knew everyone else so there was no real need for a neighborhood watch program.

If I was doing something wrong in the neighborhood my mom would receive several telephone calls from her peers down the street before I had time to get home and give her my version of the story. Much to my dismay, I never had much of a chance to pass off any other version than the truth of what actually happened.

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