New York: biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine


Since we’re spending the whole month here in Chestnut Ridge, N.Y., I’m really enjoying the chance to get to know people involved in the Threefold Community- different groups inspired by the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

I’d like to share stories of two people.

Amber is an intern at the Pfeiffer Center, which teaches people about biodynamic farming. This is the highest level of organic farming and is a method that treats the farm as one organism. Amber told me she learned about biodynamic farming at a Waldorf school in Massachssetts. I met her when she was at the small farm stand the center operates here Wednesday mornings. I picked up some cherry tomatoes and arugula after enjoying our chat.

Ezzat Hanna, who was born in Egypt, is the longtime pharmacist at The Apothecary, a holistic pharmacy that carries anthroposophical medical remedies. Anthroposophical medicine is regular Western medicine that incorporates an understanding of man as a spiritual being- not just a physical one.

Mr. Hanna shared with us that that day was his 44th wedding anniversary. He proudly told us that his two sons are doctor.

Lee and I bought some special tea that is supposed to detox our liver as well as some other remedies. But we had the most fun talking to Mr. Hanna.

He told us one of his greatest joys is to serve others with loving kindness. We can see that it’s true

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