Frank The Barber


IMG_4396Recently our entire family decided to get haircuts so we went on a search in the local towns around Chestnut Ridge New York. After we struck out several times we discovered Franks Barber Shop in Nanuet New York. Lisa stayed with the kids in the car and I went in to see if someone was available to cut our hair. Frank, the owner, greeted me and asked who was in the car and I told him my two and four year old sons. Without hesitation he enthusiastically said go get them and bring them to me.

We were treated like royalty by this very warm hearted and kind old-school professional barber. I mean he had authentic barber chairs, kids booster seats, suckers for good behavior, and toys to play with for waiting children. He treated them as if they were members of his own family and gave them a beautiful haircut with scissors only using shears at the very end. It reminded me of the way it used to be when I was a young boy.

My dad used to take me to the barber shop and the local barber had a barber poll outside and used a razor and razor strap attached to his authentic barbers chair. He would wrap my neck with a thin paper and place the cover over my lap just the way Frank did for Theo and Arthur. I remember the smell of Aqua Velva Cologne and my father telling me to be a big boy so that barber could do a good job on my haircut. The hardest part was sitting still for me and it looks like that Theo and Arthur inherited all my fidgeting qualities as well.

When it was finally my turn I got a chance to talk with Frank who said he had been cutting hair for over 60 years. He was originally born in Italy but immigrated with his brother to South America. He lived there for 23 years before the political and economic situation got out of hand and he decided to move to America where things were more stable. This was a very special experience for our entire family so I think I will return for one more cut before we hit the road for Virginia.

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