Sons of Italy Festival


  I took the family to the Italian Feast and Carnival in Rockland County, New York this evening  and it was very charming. It was opening night of a four night fair and there were still plenty of people in attendance. They had a wide variety of food, music and rides for everyone but it was the personal and intimate attention that the volunteers and hosts provided that made it unforgettable.

We were greeted by happy and gracious people who welcomed us to the event and asked for a $3 donation for each of the the adults while the children were free. They even provided inside information on how to get the best deal on the rides for the kids. We decided to eat as soon as we got there because everyone was hungry. The food and service was excellent. Then we were able to take our children on five rides: a train, helicopters, flying dragon, fire engine, and a carousel.

  We visited the playground area and the kids had a great time getting their wiggles out. The restrooms were immaculate which I have never seen at a fairground before. Where else could you go for over three hours and have a blast for a family of four for under $50. We took the kids over to the bandstand and listened to oldies but goodies which we all enjoyed very much. All of us ended up dancing together near the stage while someone threw balloons for the children and a local vendor blew thousands of bubbles in the air.

As we left the park one of the volunteers gave both our children a high five and another volunteer ushered us safely across the highway. We were treated as if we were part of this big beautiful Italian family and I will never forget their kindness.

  The kids had the time of their lives singing, dancing and playing with the other small children. The joyful expression on their faces was simply priceless.

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