South Carolina: Storm Aftermath


After last weekend’s crazy storm, we weren’t sure how or if we should go into South Carolina. But we had to go through it if we wanted to keep our accommodations booked for next week in Savannah, Ga.

We repeatedly studied the maps listing road closures on the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s excellent website and figured we could do it.

We experienced mostly dry weather on 501 South and then hit heavy rain in Myrtle Beach.  One time on the drive my cell phone beeped with an emergency tone and alerted me by text there was a flash flood warning until 2pm (freaky-never had one of those before). We also had one short detour but otherwise, it was fine. No flash floods near us.

We had originally thought about staying the night in Myrtle Beach but decided to move on- not because of the storm but because of the hideous over-commercialization.
We were totally unprepared for the onslaught of garish billboards promoting everything from pirate shows to plastic surgery plus the endless miles of strip malls, big box stores and fast food restaurants on the way to town. It was worse than Las Vegas, LA or anywhere else we’ve been. We were so repulsed, we didn’t even drive by the beach to look at the ocean. My Lonely Planet guide said the place is “not for nature lovers.” Agreed.

We finally settled in lovely, more restrained Mt. Pleasant near Charleston. We enjoyed visiting the Charles Pinckney National Historic site dedicated to one of the formulators of the Constitution. Our boys enjoyed a great walk on the former plantation grounds and earned two other Junior Ranger badges.

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