Georgia: Exploring Savannah


We arrived here yesterday and spent the night about three blocks from Forsyth Park.  This morning we decided to take a morning walk through the park and of course the children loved the beautiful playground that was just donated by the local Rotary club. This park even had a café located next to the playground area. The weather was sunny with a cool breeze and no humidity.

 After consuming some delicious pastries we continued our walk through an ancient grove of giant oak trees covered with Spanish moss. There was a memorial for all of the fallen confederate soldiers and some statues of southern civil war military leaders as well. We asked a local where we could take the kids on a carriage ride and they directed us to the City Market area.

It was only a seven-minute drive to get there and we found a two-hour free parking place right away. The kids were hungry so we dined at a local Italian café and waited for our turn to take a tour around the historic downtown area. My daughter Kym told me not to miss Jones street and it just happened to be on our route. The most impressive thing to me were the 24 different common green spaces all throughout the downtown area.

The tour guide said the early Savannah leaders got the idea from England and decided to thoughtfully design their city around the common area concept. It was absolutely beautiful and makes Savannah, Georgia stand out in a way that no other city in America can.  We just spent the last couple of days in Charleston, South Carolina and that was a very beautiful city as well.

Because I was born and raised in California the idea of a history going back much before the 1840s is foreign to me. This part of the world was being developed by Europeans as far back as the 1600s. We are going to spend seven days here and I am looking forward to exploring this wonderful place. Cape Breton in Canada was the point most north that we have traveled and Savannah, Georgia will be the point most south before heading back west towards California.

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