Georgia: Creativity and Car Trouble in Augusta


We just had a brief but eventful stay in Augusta, where we got to enjoy more of that famous southern hospitality.

Our Airbnb rental this time was fantastic- a brick condo meticulously decorated in 1950s style in the fancy Summerville neighborhood. For about $100 a night, we got a fully stocked kitchen, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer and WiFi- plus free snacks and drinks! We enjoyed walking around the neighborhood and checking out the lavish estates and an Antebellum library.

 We adored the Imagination Station, a small children’s museum co-op in a community center. The center has a great playhouse, puppets, costumes and an assortment of toys and is run by parents. We only had to pay $10 admission for our two kids and if we lived there, we would have only had to pay $40 a year for unlimited access the whole year. I think this is a great idea that benefits everybody. The parents staffing the center that day greeted us warmly and one even put on an impromptu ukulele concert for our boys.

 Unfortunately as we left the museum, we discovered that our faithful Honda Odyssey wouldn’t start- the first time we have had any car trouble since we started this epic road trip six months ago. We pulled out the strollers and walked with the kids back to our apartment a 15-minute walk away then I walked back and called a tow truck to take our van to the local Honda dealership for repairs.

 Fortunately it was just a dead battery and it was fixed by the end of the day. Everyone I dealt with from the tow truck driver to the service staff was polite and helpful. It was a little nerve wracking waiting as we were due to check out of our place the next morning. We are very appreciative that the minivan is back in action.

We wrapped up our stay with a quick visit to a statue of a famous Augusta resident and a lunch date with my great-uncle. We happened upon the statue of Godfather of Soul James “I Feel Good” Brown by accident as we were driving around downtown. I had to jump out and take some shots and then get my picture taken with the remote camera that could be activated by text with my cell phone. Very cool!

 We were all delighted to lunch with my great Uncle Howard (my mother’s uncle), who is in his 80s and lives nearby in the same house he and my grandmother grew up in. It was my first time meeting him and it was a treat to learn a little about family history. Unfortunately, my young sons were in an unruly mood so it wasn’t a long lunch but it was still nice to connect. We even got a chance to briefly video chat with my mom and dad back in Oregon.

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