Arizona: Sedona Waldorf-Inspired School


My wife Lisa and I have been traveling around America and Canada visiting various intentional communities and progressive elementary schools for the past eight months. As many of you already know, our family is really attracted to the Waldorf approach to education. Today we had the pleasure of visiting the Red Earth Waldorf Preschool and Kindergarten in Sedona.

We were warmly greeted by Miss Charity who is director and teacher of the school. She gave us a tour of her facility, which is in her home, and we sat down to chat about her program and educational philosophy. After searching all over the US and Canada it was wonderful to discover a Waldorf community that provides us with a meaningful alternative to the Yuba River Charter School in Nevada City, California.Because we have family and friends in California, we will apply to Yuba River School this winter and go through the lottery process knowing if we do not get selected we can seriously consider moving to Sedona and putting down roots.

Miss Charity has created the most beautiful living and learning space for children that we have seen throughout our extensive travels. She is one of those special people who is peaceful, kind, intelligent, and spiritually centered. I would be honored to have my children attend her school.

You might wonder where would our children go to school in Sedona after leaving kindergarten with Miss Charity? We would enroll them in the Running River Private School. Running River is a relatively new private school which offers a Waldorf-inspired curriculum. The parents are very active and involved and the teachers are extremely talented and devoted to their students. The school setting is perfect with views of red rock canyons including a large grassy play area and room for a garden and recreational activities.

I received a warm welcome today by one of the parents named Lupita Pollock. She gave me a tour and answered all of my many questions. I told her that this school would definitely be at the top of my list for schools we will consider for our family.

What struck me was how polite and well behaved the children were both inside and outside the classroom. I was extremely impressed with the beauty of both classroom settings and how engaged the students were in their lessons. If you are able to come to the Sedona area,  I encourage you to visit this really unique and special school – this place is magical! The staff and faculty have a reverence for children and a dedication for student success and life-long learning.

2 thoughts on “Arizona: Sedona Waldorf-Inspired School

  1. My wife – Lupita – is on cloud nine to have been visited by a like-minded family in search of educational roots and community. It reinforces our purpose and her life’s work. It provides us happiness knowing that others see what we see, and feel what we see; holistic growth through head, hands and heart. My family is full of educators, but this is where my heart sings, especially after coming home from a long day working with at risk youth. This is where my heart sings. I thank you for your words about Running River School. I hope you find your school, your song.

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