Back in Cali: Joshua Tree


After eight months away traveling North America, we’re back in our home state of California! 

This is a pretty big state so we’re still pretty far from where we started in Modesto in the northern Central Valley.  We’re in Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert a couple hours east of LA.

The national park in Joshua Tree is an otherworldly landscape full of the strange Joshua trees which look to me like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

   We took a short walk in the Cottonwood spring area. The boys liked identifying plants in their junior ranger book and playing in the sand.

  It was very pleasant then but it soon got very windy and we headed to our Airbnb apartment to get warm.
  The next day I checked off a bucket list item by visiting the nearby  Integatron, a strange facility built in the 1950s by UFO contactee George Van Tassel on instructions he said he received from someone from Venus. The purpose was for rejuvenation and time travel. It was never completely finished. 

Today it’s open by appointments only for “sound baths.” I paid $26 for one. I and about 20 other people climbed up a ladder to the second floor, lay down on mats and listened to someone play tones on quartz bowls. I didn’t time travel or get any younger but it was relaxing.

Finally Theo and I visited the Institute of Mental Physics, aka the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. It was founded by a British guy in the 1940s who had spent time in Tibet and learned special breathing techniques. The signs are faded or falling apart but the facilities look fine. Theo liked running on the trails near the cactuses. I had fun looking in the metaphysical bookstore. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’re looking forward to spending today with family in LA. 

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